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Dbanj, MoHITS OLIVER Dance Video

Dis our short video has more comments dan the ones we spent millions to shoot. kaiiiiii hissssss *now thinking hmmm* IDJA osheeeeee – Michael Collins a.k.a Don Jazzy. CEO Mo’Hits Records.

Mo’Hits Records is redefining the music industry in Nigeria and perhaps the world at large. Just yesterday (August 18, 2011), the recording company released and uploaded to YouTube, a “teaser music video” for a new song by D’banj titled OLIVER. The video features four of Mo’Hits stars – Don Jazzy, D’banj, Dr. Sid and Wande Coal, in a living room, doing some awkward but hilarious looking kind of dance, which is bound to make you laugh and fall off your seat. You might eventually describe the video as the most hilarious work from the Mo’Hits crew.

The video which runs for just about two minutes has been viewed almost 19,000 times on YouTube, since it was uploaded yesterday, and Don Jazzy reckons that it has garnered more comments than their commercial videos.

It is impressive to find our local Nigerian artists take the lead in using technology in its simplicity – using social media with its viral marketing effects – to promote their work while getting their fans across the world to actively participate. The use of social media among folks in the entertainment industry has become customary, but D’banj and his Mo’Hits crew have decided to push it a few notches higher. Perhaps they have gleaned some insights from the Justin Beiber story.

The Plot

The D’banj, Mo’Hits OLIVER dance video concept is quite an interesting one. Just as the two minutes long video ends, a message is displayed compelling fans and viewers to join the bandwagon by creating, recording their own comic video for the OLIVER song; be it in the form of a dance, comedy, etc. Participants are asked to upload their OLIVER dance videos to YouTube and email the link to Mo’Hits. Contestants will be judged on how entertaining their videos turn out and they stand the chance of winning attractive cash prizes and the grandiose opportunity for their OLIVER dance video to be part of the Official Oliver dance video.

The Impact of Social Media

While the idea might seem overly simple, it presents the Mo’Hits with untold windows of opportunities that only a cocktail of freebies + social media + viral marketing can bring – increased popularity, a shot at bringing the Mo’Hits’ creativity to the world at large, and an opportunity to raise many more “Justin Beibers”. If this is Mo’Hit’s idea of giving back to their society, they have definitely chosen the right vehicle for their cause.

Mo’Hits has basically used social media to create, communicate, market and support their OLIVER dance initiative in its entirety – a feat no known artist in the Nigerian music industry has dared. One may confidently argue that is has cost the group very little – if anything at all – to get their OLIVER dance campaign up and running. Businesses and individuals who still undermine the economic capacity of social media may want to use the D’banj Mo’Hits OLIVER dance video initiative as a learning experience.

A couple of OLIVER dance videos by contestants have already made their way to YouTube. Where is yours?

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  1. u guys are too much in fact i credit u keep it up, and i also thank God for your life i pray u guys will never fall ,ur enemies will never get u keep it up . i hav a brother who is good in music olajide sumphonia Akindele if u can help him i will appreciate it and am sure u will never regret noing him ……………………….

  2. l love dis video…its sooooooooooo cooool,u re guys re creative and so funny but d'bang u no fit roll ur waist welll,don jazzy do am pass u ooo..lollllll
    keep up guys,u re very guy in wat u do always.

    • Hi Anita, I completely agree that his abilities are innate. If you want to have a good laugh, go on to YouTube to see what people are uploading for the contest. One group apparently toured the whole of Lagos just to shoot thier own video. Lol

  3. The video is quite interesting and hilarious, have ssen couple of video people have posted via youtbe, guys are indeed very funny, CKC you guys are really trying, thumbs

  4. Wow! Another way to advertise what u are involved with. Making an advert hilarious and fun to watch makes the public talk about it even if they don't want to. The bible says laughter does well to the heart like medicine to the body.
    Thanks my bro. Collins for this light.

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