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Use Google maps in offline mode with Google maps for Android

Google recently released an update for Google maps for Android 6.9

This update features Google maps in offline mode – the ability to download maps of specified regions to your android device and access them without an internet connection. The offline functionality is available in up to 150 countries of the world, including Nigeria.

I decided to give this feature a try and downloaded the entire map of Victoria Island, Lagos – Nigeria. To my utter surprise, the entire download size was just about 0.1MB which downloaded in less than 5 seconds. Pretty awesome right?

Now I totally agree with the Google line that says:

Download the latest release of Google Maps, and never carry a paper map again

How to Use Google Maps in Offline Mode

Making maps available offline is pretty easy too. Start by searching the map for your destination, then tap the menu button and select “Make available Offline”. Pan and zoom by pinching until the full area is selected, then tap “Done. It immediately estimates and reports the download size, and downloads it to your device. It is said that the whole of Delhi and NCR can be covered in less than 20MB. Hence downloading maps and making them offline won’t break your data plan.


If you’re wondering why in the world you’d ever need to use Google maps in offline mode; well, here are a couple of reasons you might find this feature very handy. Network coverage isn’t very good in certain areas that you may be planning to visit. Chances are that while using Google maps to navigate to some destinations, you have experienced situations where Google maps stopped responding, owing to poor network service. For those kinds of trips (especially to places where you’re unsure of the quality of network service) Google maps in offline mode will help ensure you never get lost in those locations in spite of the lack of network service.

One more thing… (though I haven’t tried this one out yet), Google claims that the blue dot on the map will still work while in offline mode but as long as you enable GPS on your Android device.

Don’t just take my word for it. Update Google maps on your Android Device now

Download Google Maps for Android & never carry a map again!!

The following video says it all in just less than 2 minutes

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